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ENDAngereD Collection

Paying tribute to some of Earth's most endangered animals, our endangered collection makes it easy to upgrade your underwear drawer with underwear that helps make a real difference.
50% of net profits from this collection are being donated to WWF-UK, the worlds leading independent conservation organisation. We’re supporting them to create a world where people and wildlife thrive together.

New limited-edition designs, created by artist Tobias Illustrates, are released monthly and delivered at the start of the month.
Our Endangered collection combines fine line embroidery, some of our world’s most endangered animals, and the charity that helps to reverse their decline.



50% oF proFitS From tHiS rAnge Are being DonAteD to WWF-UK.

WWF iS tHe worlD'S leADing inDepenDent conServAtion orgAniSAtion. tHeir miSSion iS to creAte A worlD wHere People AnD wilDliFe cAn tHrive togetHer, AnD Are Acting now to mAke tHis HAppen.

registereD cHArity no.1081247 (EnglAnD and wAleS) AnD SCO39593 (ScotlAnD)


tobiAS illuStrAteS

From intricAte mAndAlAS, geometric lineS, to dot-work, tobiAS HAS creAteD numerouS iconic AnimAl Artwork StyleS.

tHiS collection conSiStS oF 12 Single-line, limiteD-eDition enDAngereD AnimAl DeSignS.

embroiDereD in wHite tHreAD, tHe AnimAlS SHine like A new tattoo AgAinSt our blAck orgAnic cotton unDerweAr.

FinD more work by tobiAS at