Here to Deliver A completely convenient & orgAnic UnderweAr Subscription Service For All.

everything we do HAS An impAct. iF we're open to SmAll cHAngeS in our DAily liveS, tHey cAn creAte A poSitive ripple eFFect greAter tHAn you'D imAgine.

We’re connecting and inspiring a community of like minded change makers, to effect positive change and impact for our planet, and the people and wildlife within it.

We Deliver orgAnic cotton underweAr with limiteD-eDition DeSignS & Flexible SubScriptionS.

AlwAyS DonAting 50% oF proFit to A cHArity Aligning witH our belieFS AnD pArtnering witH increDible ArtiStS to creAte truly originAl UnDerweAR rAngeS.

we believe tHE Future oF FASHion iS SuStAinAble

EtHicAl AnD SuStAinAble prActiceS Are At tHe HeArt oF USS.

Our orgAnic cotton boxer ShortS Are proDuceD in A FAcility powereD entirely by renewAble energy in tHe U.k.

All our orgAnic cotton iS grown in tHe nortH oF InDiA, wHere monSoon-FilleD reServoirS Supply tHe wAter requireD witHout irrigAtion.

we Support etHicAl businesses locAl to USS in ScotlAnd, From our custom FSC/recycleD pAckAging, to our FAmily-run teAm oF embroiDers, using biodegrAdAble AnD SuStAinAble lyocell tHreAD. 

we embroiDer-to-DemAnD. tHiS metHoD mAy ADD A Few DAyS to our proceSSing time AnD enSureS we only proDuce to our neeD.

queStionS & iDEAS For USS or require Support?